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New & Flipped Homes

Starting at age 8 years old with his father, Cory started in the construction business initially carrying tools. By the time he was 10 years old he was fully engulfed helping his father with every aspect of the construction process.


Today with over 37 years construction & design experience Cory, and his wife, Sarah are blessed to be able to work with their team, to be able to renovate their properties into some of the most valuable real estate in town. 


Whether you are looking for the most basic of renovation, or an elaborate design, Cory and his wife work together as a team to help you accomplish your dreams!


Cory and his wife Sarah have flipped several homes in the area and are always on the lookout for new projects. And it doesn’t stop there. They have built new modular homes from the ground up as well.


Whatever your housing needs are, Cory and his wife Sarah are your solution!


New Homes

New Homes - Night View

New Homes - 123 Timber Lane

Flipped Homes - 222 Evergreen Drive

Flipped Homes - 128 St Route 157

Flipped Homes - 846 Liberty Street


Flipped Homes - 207 2nd Street

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