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Lighthouse Reviews

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit Lighthouse Apartments LLC!

We would appreciate your feedback on the properties that you viewed, as well as how helpful you feel our website was with answering any questions.

In addition, if you contacted us via phone, how do you feel the conversation went and were we able to answer all of your questions & concerns?

Your feedback is important and appreciated as we are always Innovating & implementing changes in our business to better serve the area with quality & affordable housing as well as unparalleled customer service.

Lighthouse Community Support

Lighthouse Family of Tenants

Lighthouse Apartments LLC. If interested you will be dealing with the nicest couple you will ever met. Good people. Huge hearts. Hard to find people like Cory and his wife in today's world.    - Donna

Corey and Sarah Masterson have been great at Lighthouse Apartments. They are accommodating to our needs for the apartment. We have enjoyed living at our apartment. We would recommend to look for Lighthouse Apartments, if you are searching for an apartment for rent.    - Nino

My mother has been renting from Cory and Sarah for two years and they have been absolutely wonderful. Anytime that she needs something fixed Cory and his staff take care of it immediately.When mom was very sick in the hospital they reached out to me daily to find out how she was doing and if I needed anything. I highly recommend if you or your loved ones are looking for an apartment to contact Cory and Sarah at Lighthouse Apartments.   - Joe Irwin

These are top line apartments for people who do not want to live in a slum. Everything is remodeled or new. The kitchens rival the nicest of homes. A huge plus is a security door, AND free laundry. Perfect for local professionals that do not want to pay property tax or want the hassle of outside upkeep.   - Rich

Very nice people known Corey awhile back now and attend church with them very good family and does amazing work!  :)   - Joyce

In April my house caught fire and my family of 7 displaced. As we were in 3 hotel rooms to accommodate my family I was ready for some normalcy as its difficult to be together in 3 hotel rooms. We were concerned with finding a house or apartment big enough but Corey and Sarah offered us the property we are in now until they rebuild our home. From day one they have been gracious and have bent over backwards to make things nice and cozy for my family through this traumatic event. I will always be so grateful to the Masterson's for their kindness and we love it here because we are together. Thank you so much for really going above and beyond for the 7 of us. We appreciate you!!   - Crystal

Lighthouse apartments are very modern, professionally and beautifully remodeled and maintained. Cory and Sarah are extremely friendly and professional and are beyond willing to work with tenants within reason based on their needs. Contact them for your housing needs today!!   - Anonymous

Extremely clean and well kept apartments at reasonable prices. Amazing value! Couldn't recommend anyone else better if looking to rent in Franklin. Dependable and caring landlord!   - Connor

When I reached out to Light House Apartments it was a desperate time with pipes that had burst under the house we were living in, in the middle of December. Sarah and Cory Masterson were more than happy to show us a beautiful place right away. Cory and Sarah are the nicest people.   - Trish

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